Get advice from veteran tech marketers without a VP hire.

Ramp up marketing, or ease back, without hiring & firing.

Execute winning tactics that build B2B software leads.

Identify the right next marketing step for your stage of growth.

Launch. Build. Scale.

In the beginning, the first sales mean everything, and then scaling means everything. We get it. We help you by applying lessons learned by helping more than 50 tech businesses to grow.


Show viability & vision


Demand generation

Scale — show potential

Fundraise & scale further


Startup stage

Establish your market presence and secure initial key sales. Focus on supporting direct sales and fundraising.

  • Define the message
  • Website
  • Establish search rank
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing plan
  • Test digital advertising
  • Test tradeshows/events
  • Test social media marketing
  • Sales tools
  • Investor pitch deck
  • Impact measurement

Growth stage

Refine your brand, product and market expansion. Focus on demand generation and first partners.

  • Ramp up marketing
  • Evolve message
  • Evolve website
  • Optimize search rank
  • Email campaigning
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Expand advertising
  • Tradeshows and events
  • Media relations & PR
  • First co-marketing partner
  • Next gen sales tools
  • Investor communication
  • Impact measurement

Maturity stage

Scale your revenue, expand partnerships, and position for exit. Focus on scaling demand generation & partnerships. Attract acquirers.

  • Marketing expansion
  • Co-marketing
  • Next generation website
  • Optimize search rank
  • Email campaigning
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Thought leadership
  • Tradeshows and events
  • Media relations & PR
  • Investor communication
  • Impact measurement

Facing a complex company turnaround, and the departure of our marketing leader, Colligo hired MI. They maintained our marketing momentum, and within a year we had incoming leads for our new product line. MI was the right call for us and I would hire them again.

Loic Triger, Colligo

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